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when u type ;) instead of :)

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Warning: Flying Hemmings

hello, yes, there is something I want to address because it literally bothers me so much.

I strongly dislike when people act like their music taste is the best and act so high and mighty about it…. I remember back in like 2012, i used to act that way bc i thought i was ‘SOOOO COOL’ for liking this type of music and not mainstream bands but in reality i just looked like a huge arrogant asshole. WHY DOES IT MATTER???? WHO CARES IF IT IS THE MOST MAINSTREAM BAND OR MOST UNKNOWN BAND??? NO ONE IS BETTER. if someone likes something shut the hell up and let them. It honestly never affects you. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN IT IS FINE!!!! ITS YOUR OPINION!!! BUT THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AN ASSHOLE ABOUT IT!!!

I find it so unnecessary to share a certain opinion if i know it will upset people because i care about peoples feelings. I will admit I’m not too into pop punk, i like a few songs from a few bands and i have nothing against them etc but i don’t go around saying I HATE *INSERT BAND* WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THEM!!! THEY HAVE NO TALENT!!! whATS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT *INSERT BAND*….„„„that is cool that you think that but keep it to yourself please???? People only get mad when its their favorite band but when its the other way around they go and say whatever the hell they want.

I just find people so rude and inconsiderate. What does someone liking like selena gomez or whatever do to you??? RESPECT PEOPLE AND BE NICE TO OTHERS?? there is absolutely no reason to put someone down for something that makes them happy or smile! It bothers me more that some of these people have never heard a song or know anything about them and still talk down about them. How would you know if you like them or hate them? if you listen to them and go into it being negative of course you’re not going to like it??? 

What I’m trying to get at (still because people never learn) is respect one anthers feelings/ likes/ etc and just be nice to one another! it isn’t that hard. Like they say “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. ok i feel a little better, i hope this isn’t pretentious. goodbye.


Seaside Sanitarium
Waterford, Connecticut
January 12th, 2014


sorry teacher I cant do my homework because I don’t fucking give a shit

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whenever i hangout with people it always ends up like this.